12 Fallacies

12 Fallacies in Contemporary Adaptation Theory

  1. There is such a thing as contemporary adaptation theory.
  2. Differences between literary and cinematic texts are rooted in essential properties of their respective media.
  3. Literary texts are verbal, films visual.
  4. Novels are better than films.
  5. Novels deal in concepts, films in percepts.
  6. Novels create more complex characters than movies because they offer more immediate and complete access to characters’ psychological states.
  7. Cinema’s visual specification usurps its audience’s imagination.
  8. Fidelity is the most appropriate criterion to use in analyzing adaptations.
  9. Source texts are more original than adaptations.
  10. Adaptations are adapting exactly one text apiece.
  11. Adaptations are intertexts, their precursor texts simply texts.
  12. Adaptation study is a marginal enterprise.

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